Affordable Robotics

The vision of Affordable Robotics is to enable the wide-spread adoption of affordable, AI assisted, remotely accessible robot systems so that physical work can be done from anywhere by almost anyone.

This should assist in lowering costs from production for businesses, to purchase by the consumer.

The initial hardware platform under development is a flexible continuum robot arm in contrast to hard jointed traditional robots.

Below are some goals and the vision of the Affordable Robotics startup project to be implemented.

Updated prototype version pending.

Computer animation of a hardware concept that demonstrates the flexibility goal of a continuum design ->

Design Advantages

  • Infinite degrees of freedom with no hard joint restrictions
  • More flexibility in arm positioning and tight space access


  • Robotic systems affordable for small and medium businesses, and even individuals.
  • Usable by even non-technical users
  • Low downtime due to modular design


  • A robot task app marketplace that can greatly enhance the ability of existing hardware
  • AI task assistance, not AI worker replacement; human picks, sets up, and guides tasks as needed through hands-off robot instruction and guidance


  • A system that enables doing physical tasks from anywhere
  • Access to remote workforce while still maintaining physical presence, regardless of any local workforce or skill shortages